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company news about Today's Shipments: Flammability testing machine for fireproof building materials

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Before I buy the machine, I see our partner use your machine, after receive it, all is good. thanks, hope make deal next time too.

—— Max Will

At the beginning I worry about if your company can delivery in time, It turns out your company is good, no delay,A pleasant collaboration.

—— Peter Huang

Nice cooperation! We appreciated for your company's kind support on our projects. Very good service.

—— Mr Hussain

Professional quotation, professional technology, so that we receive timely goods, trustworthy enterprises.Hope we can still cooperate next time!

—— Mr. Paul Garry

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Company News
Today's Shipments: Flammability testing machine for fireproof building materials
Latest company news about Today's Shipments: Flammability testing machine for fireproof building materials

Thanks to the customer's trust, the machine has been inspected and shipped today! Customers who need the machine can come to our factory to visit or call: 13128029197 to order !

Scope of application: It is mainly applicable to the test method for judging whether building materials have flammability under specified conditions.

Executive standard: in line with GB/T8626-2007 "Test Methods for Flammability of Building Materials’

GB/T10801.2-2002"Extruded Polystyrene foam for Heat insulation (XPS)"

Key features:

1. The box of the test device is bent by stainless steel plate (δ1.5mm), which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

2. This instrument is designed and manufactured with all stainless steel materials, with six moving parts: (1) Y-direction movement (2) X-direction movement (3) Z-direction movement (4) Y-direction sliding (5) rotation around Z-axis (6) burner swing around X-direction -450~+450.

3. This instrument adopts a manual mode to realize the relative movement of X, Y and Z between the tested piece and the burner, as well as the quadruple rotation around the Z axis, which can easily determine the relative position between the tested piece and the burner, and realize various test methods specified in GB/T8626-2007.

4. The instrument is equipped with a positioning switch, plus a buzzer, which is convenient for the timing and end of the combustion test.

5. This instrument is equipped with a manual adjustable damper device, and the twist turns to the right to open the damper, and vice versa. When power ventilation is used, adjust the size of the damper to the air flow rate of 0.7+/_0.1 m/s and lock the lock nut.

When natural convection is used, the damper is opened to the maximum and locked.

Technical Parameters:

1. The inner size of the combustion box: width 700× depth 400× height 810mm

2. Material: mirror stainless steel

3. The bottom is a natural vent, and the vent is composed of a square box.

4. Open area: 25×25mm, height: 50mm

5. Burner: The burner is composed of a nozzle with a hole diameter of ¢0.17mm and a regulating valve, and is equipped with four air suction holes of ¢4mm at an angle of 45°.

6. Flame height: 20±2mm, high-voltage electronic ignition, automatic ignition and reset

7. Gas: propane gas with purity of more than 95% (provided by the user)

8. Specimen clamp: composed of two U-shaped stainless steel frames, with a width of 15mm and a thickness of 5.0mm

9. Timer: 0~99.99S/M/H can be set

Conditions of use:

The floor is flat, well ventilated, and free of flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and dust.

There are no sources of strong electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity.

Leave proper maintenance space around the equipment.

Temperature: 25°C~35°C.


Allowable voltage fluctuation range: 220V±10%.

Allowable frequency fluctuation range: 50Hz±1%.

The user is required to configure the corresponding capacity of air and gas gas sources for the equipment at the installation site, and the power supply must be independent and especially designed for the use of this equipment.

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