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company news about The high-voltage tracking instrument ordered from our company by a Laos customer is being debugged!

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Company News
The high-voltage tracking instrument ordered from our company by a Laos customer is being debugged!
Latest company news about The high-voltage tracking instrument ordered from our company by a Laos customer is being debugged!

The old customers from Laos have previously booked the high-voltage leakage tracking instrument is close to completion, and professional engineers are currently debugging to strive to be able to give customers a perfect equipment.

DX8427 High-voltage leakage trace testing machine

Compliant with standards:

According to the requirements of GB/T6553-2014/IEC60587-1984 "Test Method for Evaluating the Resistance of Electrical Insulation Materials to Tracing and Corrosion under Severe Environmental Conditions" and DL/T810-2002 "Technical Conditions for ± 500kV DC Rod Suspension Composite Insulators", the simulation test items specified in the standard for AC/DC Leakage Tracing Test of Insulation Materials, applicable to rubber, plastic and other electrical insulation materials such as inclined plane method. Standard for five sets of silicone rubber testers and silicone testers.

Scope of application:

Mainly suitable for testing the resistance of electrical and electronic products, household appliances, and their materials to electrical trace and corrosion, simulating the use of liquid pollutants and inclined surface specimens at power frequency (48Hz -62Hz). Evaluate the resistance level of electrical insulation materials used under harsh environmental conditions through the measurement of resistance to electrification and corrosion..Under the influence of moisture and impurities in electrical products, insulation leakage may occur between charged parts of different polarities or between charged parts and grounded metal. The resulting arc can cause breakdown, short circuit, or material erosion due to discharge, and even lead to fire. This tester is a destructive test that simulates the above situation on insulation materials, used to measure and evaluate the relative resistance to leakage and marking of insulators under the action of an electric field and impurity containing water at a specified voltage. It is suitable for solid electrical insulation materials and their products in electrical and electronic products, household appliances, such as relay sockets, conversion switch covers, contactors, etc.

Technical parameters:

Electrode: 0.5mm thick Material: stainless steel;

Distance between upper and lower electrodes: 50.0mm ± 0.1;

Test voltage: 100V-6000V stepless adjustable;

Voltage regulator: Output: adjustable from 0~250V, with a capacity of 5KVA;

When the circuit current is 60mA, cut off the voltage output;

Test time: 6 hours;

Dropping accuracy: 0.5%;

Voltage stability: ± 1%;

High precision voltage regulator: Output AC220V. Power 6000W. Accuracy ± 1%;

Test transformer: Capacity 5KVA. Maximum output voltage AC6000V (or DC6000V optional);

Trace detection: According to the standard GB/T6553-2003/4.1.2, apply a voltage (2.5kV, 3 5kV and 4.5kV), and drip the contaminated liquid at a certain flow rate. If the current is below 60mA for 6 hours without flowing, it is considered passing;

Dropping device: using a Ralph precision peristaltic pump, with a flow range of 0.00185-20 milliliters per minute, a working speed of 0.1-50 revolutions per minute, and a flow accuracy error of less than 0.5%;

Output voltage: AC/DC (switchable)

Case: Made of SUS304 stainless steel (brushed surface);

The sewage tank is made of 316 stainless steel and equipped with a sealing device.

Volume is 0.56m3, studio volume: 900L * 650W * 950H (mm);

Instrument dimensions: 1200L * 750W * 1800H (mm), length 750 * width 1180 * height 1760mm, wooden box 890 * 1320 * 1900

Weight: approximately 200KG

Control device: Adopting Siemens PLC+Taiwan Weinview touch screen control, precise control, simple operation, fully humanized design, automatic report generation after the test, and panel thermal printer can print test results in a timely manner;

Number of test groups: Five groups (during the test, one pump controls one group of droplets, and the testing process does not affect each other, which is not commonly seen in the market as one pump controls five groups) (can be tested separately or together)

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