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company news about The DX8316 Ventilation Aging Testing Machine is in a stock!

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Company News
The DX8316 Ventilation Aging Testing Machine is in a stock!
Latest company news about The DX8316 Ventilation Aging Testing Machine is in a stock!

Box structure:

1. Inner box size: 500×400×500 (W×H×Dmm)

2. Outer box size: based on the real thing

3. The controller is located on the right side of the machine, and the single door is opened from right to left;

4. The inner material is SUS304 # 1mm stainless steel plate, and the outer material is SECC steel plate; 1.2mm; Baking paint treatment.

5. There is a glass window (280*280mm) on the door, and there is a fluorescent lamp in the box, which can be turned on when the lamp is needed;

6. One set of speed regulating motors, one set of dynamic test turntables,

7. The insulation material is imported rock wool, which has good thermal insulation effect;

8. The pressing material of anti-secret is Silicom;

9. Attached with movable casters and fixed feet, which can be pushed arbitrarily and fixed in position;

10. The appearance of the structure is shown in the pictures and drawings.

Temperature control system

1. Analytical accuracy±0.5°C%

2. Uniformity±2.0°C%

3. Temperature range: RT~200°C

4. Heating time: room temperature ~ 100°C for about 15 minutes.

5. Heater: solenoid heater with heat sink

6. The temperature control is PID microcomputer, which can be automatically calculated, PV/SV is displayed at the same time, and the button is set, and any temperature value between normal temperature and maximum temperature can be set; SSR control, A-meter, V-meter, temperature protection device, time setter.

7. Timer setting, 99.9 seconds - 999 hours (you can choose to set hours, minutes, seconds Yangming, Taiwan)

a Continuous use

b. Temperature to timer, time to cut off heating current (alarm device) (Taisong, Taiwan)

8. Temperature sensing CA(K)TYPE;

9. The output is 12V;

10. The current controller is SSR contactless RELAY;

11. The timing function is up to 999 hours;

12. Air change: 5-100 times/h

13. Gas volume adjustment: manual fine-tuning cone air volume regulator (the power consumption when the temperature is fixed is calculated by watt-hour and digital TIMER to calculate the air change of the furnace)

Security protection system

1. High temperature protection system: when the temperature is out of control due to external forces, the system will automatically stop the power supply of the whole machine when the set temperature exceeds 10 degrees, so as to protect the safety of your products and machines;

Overcurrent protection system: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to the applied voltage is too high or other reasons, the system will automatically power off to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from being damaged.

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