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company news about Daxian today's shipment product: Mica Plate Combustion Testing Machine

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Before I buy the machine, I see our partner use your machine, after receive it, all is good. thanks, hope make deal next time too.

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Company News
Daxian today's shipment product: Mica Plate Combustion Testing Machine
Latest company news about Daxian today's shipment product: Mica Plate Combustion Testing Machine

This mica plate combustion testing machine was booked in advance by a company in Fujian, and the customer came to the company last week to confirm the operation of the equipment, and it was successfully shipped today!


1. Scope of application


The test method of testing the flame resistance characteristics of the surface of the combustible substrate of the mica plate under the specified conditions is also suitable for the determination of the flame resistance time of the mica plate.


2. Equipment parameters


1. Temperature uniformity: ±15.0°C


2. The timer error is not more than 1s/h.


3. Flame height: 40mm ± 2mm to 175mm±1mm adjustable


4. Ignition time: 0-9999s±0.1s adjustable


5. Burning time: 0-9999s±0.1s, automatic recording, manual pause


6. Flow pressure: with double flow meter and pressure gauge (gas and air), rotameter.


Propane flow meter range: 1.5L/m Air flow meter range: 15L/min


Air pressure gauge range: 1.0Mpa Gas pressure gauge range: 0.6Mpa


7. Fuel used: propane + oxygen content 21%~40% adjustable mixed gas source


8. Burner burner: Φ40mm ± 0.5mm, about 100mm long, 5KW pre-mixed blowtorch under 0.1MPA adjustable air source pressure, the internal flame is 120±5mm, the outer flame is 240±10mm, the side temperature at the blowtorch mouth 110mm rises from 100 °C to 700 °C, and all the time is 16 ± 5s, it is identified as the blowtorch is 5KW, and the temperature can reach 1500 °C


9. Test station: 1 station (choose different sizes of devices according to sample requirements)


10. Temperature control system: wireless infrared temperature measuring instrument is adopted


11. Automatic alarm: 3-way thermocouple temperature measurement on the backfire surface of the sample, automatic alarm when the temperature reaches the specified temperature


12. Backfire surface thermocouple: K type thermocouple 0-1100°C (customer provided)


13. Backfire surface temperature test range: 0~1100°C


14. Sample size: L150*W50mm and 400*300mm with intact surface without damage


15. Combustion gas: propane gas with a content of more than 98% (air source and gas source provided by customers)


16. Power requirements: AC220 (±10%)V/50HZ.


17. Machine inner box size: L1100×W900mm× H1200mm


18. Combustion box and bracket material: A3 steel plate electrostatic spraying box, 50mm thick ceramic fiber insulation board inside, and 304 stainless steel plate for the bracket


19. Test background: black background


20. Test process: automatic control of test procedure


3. Equipment placement conditions


1. Ambient temperature 0°C~40°C


2. Relative humidity ≤70%


3. Power supply: AC 220V tolerance± 10% 50Hz


4. There is no strong electromagnetic field interference source in the studio, no large amount of dust and corrosive gas, and good ventilation.

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