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NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber

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NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber

NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber
NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber

Large Image :  NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DAXIAN
Certification: CE, SGS
Model Number: DX8368
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 30 days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,In cash
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month

NBS Plastic Wire Flammability Testing Equipment , Smoke Density Chamber

Apply To Standards: ISO 5659.2-2006 Supply Power: AC 220V 100A
Usage: Test Plastic Smoke Density Material: Stainless Steel
Temperature Range: 0 ~ 1000 ºC Length: 405mm
High Light:

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NBS Plastic Flammability Smoke Optical Density Performance Testing Equipment for Wire and Cable


Product Description:


The plastic flammability smoke density meter is a new type of measurement smoke density developed according to the technical conditions stipulated in the standard GB/8323.2-2008 and ISO 5659-2 "Test methods for the determination of smoke density using the single chamber method for the production of plastic cigarettes". The test equipment is suitable for determining the specific optical density of the smoke generated when the plastic is burned, and the maximum specific optical density is the test result. It is used to assess the smoking performance of plastics under specified conditions.

In line with GB8323.2-2008 "Plastics - Smoke Formation - Part 2: Test Method for Determination of Smoke Density by Single Chamber Method", ISO 5659.2-2006 "Plastics - Smoke Formation Part 2: Determination of Optical Density by Single Chamber Method" test standard. Astm e662

The entire instrument consists of a sealed chamber, a photometric measuring system, a radiation cone, a combustion system, an igniter, a test box, a bracket, a temperature measuring instrument, and a smoke density test software. The circuit is developed using a single-chip microcomputer and has high technical content and stable performance. This instrument is suitable for all plastics, but also for the evaluation of other materials (such as rubber, textile coverings, painted surfaces, wood and other materials). It is widely used by the plastics industry, solid-materials manufacturing plants, and research and experimental units.



1.1 The front door is fitted with windows and opaque shutters that block the movement of the windows.

1.2 The bottom of the square box is fitted with a bursting aluminum foil for preventing overpressure. The bursting disc consists of a safety bursting disc with a thickness of 0.04mm, a length of 405mm and a width of 200mm and a total area of 81000mm2. The pressure regulating device inside the box is installed (see Figure 2). ).

1.3 Light window: Up and down two Ø75mm light windows, with a 9W annular electric heater under the light window to ensure the temperature of the upper surface of the light window (50oC ~ 55oC is appropriate) to reduce the smoke concentration on the surface. To the minimum, the window is on the top of the test box. An 8mm thick optical platform is installed around the light window outside the test box. The optical platform is fixed with a Ø15mm metal bar that can connect the fixed platform and the test box.

1.4 inside size: high 914mmX width 914mmX deep 610mm

1.5 Material: It consists of three layers: outer 1.5mm thick steel plate, high-temperature electrostatic baking white paint, middle layer made of 60mm thick asbestos layer, inner layer 1.2mm thick USU304 stainless steel, high temperature electrostatic baking black paint, can be easily cleaned.

1.5 Air inlet and air outlet: The air inlet is installed at the top of the test box and its diameter is Φ65mm. The solenoid valve with flange controls the closed and closed state; the air outlet is installed at the bottom of the left, and the diameter is Φ80mm. The solenoid valve of the flange controls the closed and closed state and includes an exhaust fan.



Second, the photoelectric measurement system: from the power supply, photomultiplier tube, amplified translucent film, optical shutter, filter, neutral transparent sheet, lens, optical system, camera, light source, light window heater

2.1, light source:

2.1.1, light source: consists of an incandescent lamp of 6.5V, a transformer for power supply (input 220V output 6.5V), and a variable resistor.

2.1.2 Installation: The light bulb is installed in the opaque dark box at the bottom of the test box and consists of a light source, a convex lens, an optical window heater, and an optical window.

2.1.3. Light window adder: AC220V power supply, 9W resistance wire is wrapped around to ensure that the temperature of the upper surface of the light window (50 oC ~ 55oC) is appropriate.

2.1.4, Convex Lens: The diameter of 51mm, adjusted and calibrated to completely form a ring with a diameter of 51mm and no other light outside the ring.

2.1.5, optical window: consists of unobstructed light transmissive film and dark box.

2.2, photoelectric detector:

2.2.1 Photodetector: It consists of photomultiplier tube, amplification filter, shutter, filter, neutral filter, convex lens, optical window and so on.

2.2.2 Photomultiplier tube:, Photomultiplier tube parameters: voltage: DC 1000V, power supply: input 12V, output 0 ~ -1200V 2mA, photoelectric system processing: photoelectric detector is a photomultiplier tube, connected with the A/D number template, processed by multi-stage amplification computer. Can continuously measure the light transmittance of the corresponding optical density with time, which is the number of spectral sensitivity responses, similar to the response of the naked eye and the dark current is less than 0.001uA. The minimum sensitivity of the photomultiplier tube can be read 100% on the optical path 0.5 neutral filter and one ND-2 amplification filter were obtained.

2.2.3. Amplify the filter: The light transmittance of ND-2.0 is 0.95% and the temperature of the A light source is K=2854.

2.2.4, light gate: for the baffle, corrected light transmittance 0% use.

2.2.5, filter: To compensate the filter, the optical density of 0.1 ~ 1.0 and 2.0 a total of 11 pieces.

2.2.6, neutral filter: ND-0.5, light transmittance 31.7%, A light source color temperature K = 2854.

2.2.7, Convex Lens: A diameter of 51mm enables the direct beam to be focused to a small, intense spot at the translucent plate between the upper and lower camera boxes.

2.2.7. Calibration of the optical system: A neutral filter with an optical density of 3.0 and a wavelength of 550-650 nm is used.

2.2.8, optical window: consists of unobstructed light transmissive film and dark box.



Third, radiation cone:

3.1, radiation cone: composed of heating elements with a rated power of 2600W, can provide 10KW/m2~50KW/m2 radiation intensity in the center of the sample surface. When measuring the irradiance at two other locations 25 mm from the center of the sample, the irradiance at these two locations must not be less than 85% of the irradiance at the center of the sample.

3.2 Radiant Cone Heater: It is powered by an independent power supply. The power of the single-phase isolation transformer is 3000W. The temperature control is controlled by a rapid-cycle thyristor, and the control temperature can be stabilized at ±2°C.

3.3, heat flow meter: Measuring range is 50kw/m2, receiving a radiation area of flat area of 10mm diameter, the surface coated with matte black, using water cooling.

3.4. Igniter: The igniter nozzle is made of Φ4.0mm aperture copper tube, flame length, level measurement is 30mm.

Fourth, gas supply system:

4.1, gas source: 95% purity, propane and air mixture, pressure 170Kpa

4.2, propane flowmeter: 1~100cm3/min

4.3, air flow meter: 5~500cm3/min

Fifth, the whole performance:

1, light transmittance resolution: 0.0001%;

2. Measurement range: 0-100%; Automatic shifting when measuring.

3, measurement accuracy: ± 3%;

4, the working voltage: AC200-240V 50Hz;

5, ambient humidity: room temperature -40 °C

6. Work environment: When the instrument is running, direct light should be avoided and there should be no forced air flow.

Six, measurement software: Based on WINDOWS XP operating interface, LabVIEW style. Displays the transmittance and time curves. Chinese and English interface, and provide instruction manuals in both Chinese and English. See Figure 3

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