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1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241

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1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241

1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241
1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241 1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241

Large Image :  1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DAXIAN
Certification: CE, SGS
Model Number: DX8467
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 30 days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,In cash
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month

1000L Programmable Environmental Test Chamber Constant Temperature GB/T 31241-31241

Temperature Range: -40℃~+150℃ Cooling Time: +20℃ ~ -40℃ About 80min
Temperature Fluctuation: ±2.0℃ Temperature Uniformity: ±3.0℃
External Volume: W1500 X H1800 X D1400 MM Weight: About 1000KG
High Light:

high temperature test chamber


salt spray corrosion test chamber

1000L Programmable Environmental High Temperature Humidity Test Chamber



This machine is used to simulate the rapid change of environment temperature, the ability to adapt to the environment.
Temperature and humidity testing machine can be divided into the program and the single sections of two kinds, single sections of test case set is simple, general directly controlled by the button; Programmable test chamber can be divided into many control, because the program is relatively complex and multiplicity, such as control with buttons, function key complex and difficult to remember that direct LCD touch-screen control, only need to set up the experimental program, complete the test without staff left-behind care, designed specifically for the busy laboratory staff.

Meet the standard:
GB/T 31241-31241 <portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements>
GB/T 18287-18287 <code for cellular phone always with lithium ion batteries external short circuit requirements>
GB/T 8897.4 2008 <battery part 4 lithium battery safety requirements>
YD/T 2344.1 2011 <communication lithium iron phosphate battery part 1: integrated battery>
GB/T 21966-21966 <, lithium battery and battery in the transport safety requirements>
MT/T 1051-2007 <lithium ion battery is used for miner's lamp>
YD 1268-1268 <mobile handset lithium battery and charger safety requirements and test methods>
GB/T 19521.11 2005 <dangerous lithium-ion battery pack goods hazardous characteristics test safety regulations>
YDB 032-032 <communication backup type lithium ion battery>
UL 1642-2012 <standard of lithium battery>
UL 2054:2012 <residential and commercial battery>
UN38.3 (2012) <the proposal for the transportation of dangerous goods - test and standard manual in the third section>
IEC62133-2012 <containing alkaline or acidic electrolyte battery and battery safety requirements>
IEC 62281:62281 <in transport of the lithium battery and battery safety requirements>
IEC 60086:60086 <battery part 4 lithium battery safety requirements>

The equipment structure features:
In case material: mirror stainless steel plate (1.0 mm thick SUS # 304);
Carton material: stainless steel yarn surface (SUS # 304 1.0 mm thick);
Insulation structure design: effectively prevent system .after the condensation;
Heat preservation layer: the thermal insulation layer (rigid Polyurethane foam + glass wool, 10 mm thick).
Box door: left open a single type, open view window .Double insulation forced air tight tight, effective isolation body heat exchange inside and outside;
Observation window: three layers of vacuum glass, used for observation test subjects. Size: 270 x360x40mm;
Window design: anti-perspiration electric heating device to prevent condensation;
Lighting design: high brightness the window light, convenient for observation test;
Test hole: the body on the left side of the bits of 50 mm stainless steel plate attached 1, only the silicone stopper head 1 only;
Pulley: the machine is convenient mobile (adjust placement) with strong bolt (fixed position);
The shelf in the cabinet: SUS stainless steel # 304 square punching steel shelf 2 slices and track 2 groups (adjust spacing);
Communication interface: RS - 232 - c terminal (9 pin).Can connect computer, print curve, etc.

The control system:
Has a very wide range of temperature and humidity control, can meet the various needs of users.
The unique way of balance, temperature humidity, can adjust the ideal temperature and humidity environment .With stable and balanced heating, humidifying capacity for high precision, high stability of the temperature and humidity control.
Temperature and humidity control touch intelligent programmable temperature controller (PID + SSR/SCR is inverse two-way synchronous output), it contains advanced slope control logic of the computer, with R 'S - 232 - c and 232 communication interface device, making it easy for users to process system and centralized control over a long distance .On-line computer control, editing, recording and two set of dynamic contact (TIMER SINGAL RELAY), intuitive easy to read, be clear at a glance, and can be equipped with temperature and humidity recorder.
Heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification of all components, entirely by the microcomputer automatic control, system individual completely independent, Equipped with intelligent controller, thus make the setting accuracy is greatly increased.
Revisions, clean it and start booking, power failure memory, etc
Automatic selection of refrigeration loop: automatic control device has a temperature setting value automatically choose the performance of the refrigeration circuit operation, implement directly start the chiller under high temperature cooling, refrigeration adopted air-cooled compressor unit, using closed compressor (imports).
Door is equipped with light observation window, conditions for convenient observation of test samples.
Touch intelligent programmable temperature controller
Adopt imported microcomputer large LCD (320 * 240 dots) in both Chinese and English display control system, LCD touch panel, backlight 17 section of adjustable, curve, according to set value/value curve can be displayed respectively a variety of alarm, fault occurs through screen display,
Eliminate the wrong operation. Multiple sets of PID control function, and in the form of data display on the screen.

Temperature and humidity, electric heating circulation system:
Heating system: the fins radiator pipe shaped stainless steel electric heater;
Circulatory system: special moisture and heat dissipation design, stainless steel axis of lengthening cycle motor, with high resistance, low temperature aluminum alloy vane blades;
Wind deflector design: up, down, left, right, temperature and humidity to ensure uniform distribution;
Control mode: balance (BTHC) temperature control system, control SSR in P.I.D. way, make the system of heating humidifying measure equal to the wet and heat loss, thus the use of long-term stability.

Refrigeration system:
Refrigeration system: Europe and the United States type high efficiency power-saving cryogenic refrigeration system (air-cooled heat);
High-efficiency compressor: the French original factory closed compressor Taikang 1.5 P (2 sets)
Cooling method: two-stage compressor refrigeration system
Cold heat exchange system: high efficiency SWEP refrigerant heat transfer design (environmental protection refrigerant R404A);
Heat load regulation: automatically adjust the refrigerant flow, effectively eliminate the heat heat load distribution;
Condenser: fin chip cooling motor attached;
Evaporator: fin type many sections of automatic load capacity adjustment;
Capacity expansion system: control of the refrigeration system, Danfoss brand
Other accessories: desiccant, refrigerant flow window, valve repair;
Capacity expansion system: control of the refrigeration system, Danfoss brand

Security protection system:
Over-temperature protector;
Zero brake fluid power controller;
Empty burn prevent protector;
Owe to buck phase protection switch;
High pressure compressor protection switch;
The compressor overheating protection switch;
Compressor overcurrent protection switch;
Without fuse switch;
Ceramics fast fuse;
All line fuse and sheathed type terminal;

Equipment specifications:
Temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃
Humidity: 20% RH to 98% RH
Temperature accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 ℃
Humidity accuracy: + / - 2.5% RH
Humidity uniformity: + / - 3% RH
Temperature uniformity: plus or minus 2 ℃,
Humidity uniformity: + / - 3% RH
Speed: 3 ℃ / min (nonlinear no-load, average)
The cooling speed: 1 ℃ / min (nonlinear light, an average cooling)
In case material: SUS# 304 stainless steel
Carton material: stainless steel mist side line processing
Thermal insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass wool
Cold media: R404 environmental protection refrigerant
Refrigeration system: Taikang closed compressor
Control system: TEMI880 control system
Safety device: no fuse switch, compressor overpressure, overheated, over-current protection, overtemperature protection, overload protection, fan fuse, dry protector, lack of police protection.
Two layers: a vacuum heat insulation glass observation window (installed), height can be adjusted up and down separate layer 2 slices (if the test space larger can increase) according to the requirement, test hole phi 50 mm 1 hole (displacement cabinet left), add wet cotton several piece, the lamp lighting in the cabinet 1 (installed), humidifying water tank 1 (installed), mobile casters four (easy to carry, at the same time combined with fixed foot bolt use convenient fixation, already installed)
Net weight: 500 kg
Power source: AC380V plus or minus 10 ﹪, 60 Hz, 10 kw, 20 A

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