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Flame Test apparatus

Flame Test apparatus
Flame Test apparatus

Large Image :  Flame Test apparatus

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DAXIAN
Certification: CE
Model Number: DX8657
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 30 days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,In cash
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month

Flame Test apparatus

Standards: ASTM E814 Internal Dimensions: 1.2M (length) X 1.2M (deep) X 0.85M (high)
High Light:

rubber testing equipments


calorific value testing machine

Fireproof Material Combustion Performance Test Furnace for ASTM E814


Scope of application:

Suitable for fire blocking materials used in various openings of buildings, including inorganic fire blocking materials, organic fire blocking materials, and fire blocking packages, and various fire blocking materials and cable fire blocking materials.

Execution standards: Comply with the test standards of GA161 "Fireproof plugging material performance requirements and test methods", ASTM E814, GB/T9978.1.


Technical parameters:

1. Instrumental composition: Fire-resistant test furnace, gas flow measurement system, temperature measurement system and pressure measurement and control system.

2. Fireproof test furnace: It is a vertical test furnace with internal dimensions 1.2M (length) x 1.2M (deep) x 0.85M (high).

3. Furnace structure: The steel structure frame is used to form the furnace wall with refractory bricks in the middle of the steel structure frame. The inside of the furnace wall is made of high-temperature resistant insulation material with a density of more than 1000kg/M3. The outer side is covered with color steel, furnace lining material thickness is 65mm, furnace temperature test temperature up to 1250 °C. The stove in our factory production, installation lining and test, according to your company's preset functions, disassemble into suitable for reloading Parts are packaged and transported into the trailer.

4. Temperature measurement system:

5. In-furnace thermocouple: The furnace adopts a K-type nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon thermocouple with a wire diameter of 2.0mm in accordance with GB/T 16839.1, and the outer cover is a heat-resistant stainless steel sleeve, and the heat-resistant material is filled in the middle, and the heat is applied. The length of the overhanging sleeve is not less than 25MM, altogether 5, the temperature accuracy is <±15°C. It can rise to 1250°C within 12 minutes.

6. Temperature measurement of the back surface: using a 0.5mm diameter thermocouple, welded on a round copper piece with a thickness of 0.2mm and a diameter of 12mm, in accordance with the large nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon thermocouple specified in GB/T 16839.1, Cover asbestos liners with a length and width of 30 mm and a thickness of 2.0 mm. Total 15

7. The average temperature measurement: 6 thermocouples

8. The maximum temperature measurement: 10 thermocouples.

9. Mobile thermocouple: using infrared thermometer measurement

10. The ambient temperature measurement: the use of a diameter of 3.0mm armored thermocouple, in line with gb/t16839.1 provisions of the large nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon k-type thermocouple.

11. Furnace pressure measurement: t-shaped measuring probe, measuring accuracy ± 2pa.

12. Burner: There are 8 high-speed burners embedded on both sides of the furnace wall, 4 on each side. Provides the heat required to heat up the furnace.

13. Smoke exhaust: There are three smoke exhaust holes on the furnace wall behind the furnace wall, connected to the back flue, and the flue gas in the furnace body is exhausted. Control pressure.

14. Observation hole: There are two observation holes on the back wall of the furnace body to observe the condition of the fire surface and the flame of the test piece during the test.

15. Loading device: The cart is used, which is 2M high and 1.5M wide. It is composed of a vehicle body and a specimen platform. The four wheels of the vehicle body design can be moved on the rails. The test platform is a 2.0m*2.0m square steel frame. During the test, an electric hoist is used to lift the test piece platform with the test piece onto the car body. Then push the car into the test position and fix it, and then start the test.

16. Electrical control part: MCGS configuration software and PLC program of embedded integrated IPC. Including: main control interface, furnace temperature curve interface, specimen temperature interface, history record interface and parameter determination interface.


Main parameters:

1. Fire resistance main test device: fire test furnace, temperature measurement equipment, fire test furnace

Temperature measuring equipment: The diameter of the thermocouple is 0.75~1.0mm, and the hot end should extend 25mm from the sleeve. The temperature of the thermocouple is 100mm from the wall surface of the test piece. The number of thermocouples in the furnace shall not be less than five.

Temperature measurement of the back surface of the test piece: The use of a thermocouple with a wire diameter of 0.5 mm, class II accuracy, shall not be less than 4 pieces.

The distribution is: the surface of the blockage or fireproof package is 25mm away from the surface of the penetrating surface, and two points are selected, altogether 2; penetrating objects (cables or pipes - steel pipe, gas pipe, porcelain pipe or plastic pipe, etc.) Or 2 pieces of 25mm surface of the fireproof package, and another mobile temperature thermocouple. If necessary, it is used to monitor the temperature rise of the suspected back surface of the test piece. The data is used as the basis for determination.

The accuracy of the temperature measuring equipment should reach ±15°C in the furnace, surface or other ±5°C

2. In-furnace pressure: For the fire resistance test of the vertically installed test piece, the positive pressure shall be maintained at the level of the bottom surface of the test piece; for the test piece installed on the floor plate for fire resistance test, the test piece shall be 100mm away from the surface of the fire surface. Should be maintained at positive pressure.

3. Fireproof plugging material fire test specimen specifications: 508mm × 502mm × 240mm test specimens should be blocking material or fire blocking package and cable, pipe and other materials combined.

Blocking material: The external dimensions of the test piece are 508mm x 502mm x 240mm, and a nine-hole mold (frame) is made, and the plugging material is plugged into a 100mm100mm hole.

For inorganic fireproof material, the external dimensions of the test piece are 508mm x 502mm x 240mm, but the central hole is 480mm x 402mm x 240mm, the wall thickness is 50mm, and the cable - outside diameter is φ30mm~φ40mm, length is 1500mm, the number is 8 and the fire is received. End cap (head length 50mm, thickness 25mm), cable length exposed to the fire field 300mm; wear pipe (steel pipe) - outside diameter φ40mm, length 1500mm, the number of one, blocked by the fire end with the test blockage pipe diameter , The blockage length is 100mm, and the steel pipe protrudes from the fire surface by 300mm.

Fireproof package: frame size 508mm × 502mm × 240mm, wall thickness 50mm, hole size is 480mm × 402mm × 240mm,

4. Fire resistance criteria

Light the cotton pad;

The formation of pores, there is a continuous 10s flame exit;

The material to be inspected undergoes a volume contraction, cracks of a width of 1 mm or more are formed, and flares are visible to the naked eye.

The temperature of the material to be inspected reaches 180°C at any point on the fire surface;

The surface temperature rises to 180°C at 25mm from any plugging material at the back end of the plug.

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